How to keep the mooncake?
The baked mooncake can be kept in room temperature place. The snowy mooncake must be stored at freezer (-18°c) to ensure the taste, please defrost the frozen snowy mooncake for 3 to 5 minutes before consumption. Once you open the mooncake please consume within three days to avoid the deterioration of the filling.

Can baked mooncake kept in the refrigerator?
Baked mooncake are not recommended to be kept in the refrigerator because the moisture in the refrigerator will cause the mooncake easily get mold.

Can I choose my own flavour of mooncake when I buy special series of mooncakes?
All of our mooncake series flavors are set, all the flavour are the top selections from our customer and well response by the public.

Does Good Chen selling low sugar mooncake?
Good Chen mooncake are made with the traditional recipe with modern taste which contain low sugar, less oil and low fat ingredient.

If the snowy mooncake are taken out from the refrigerator in a freezer (-18°c), how long can it keep outside?
Generally, after taking out from freezer (-18°c) the snowy mooncake can be last for 3 to 4 hours. After that, it must be stored in the freezer (-18°c) again for at least one night and ensure that the snowy mooncake is hard to be taken out and ready to serve.
Remarks: Weather factors can also cause the snowy mooncake keep shorter time at outside, such as hot weather.

I ordered the snowy mooncake series online and found that the snowy mooncake was soft when delivered to my house. Is it broken, spoilt or can't eat?
It is normal for the snowy mooncake to become soft. When the staff delivers the snowy mooncake to the customer, please make sure to store the snowy mooncake in the refrigerator at freezer (-18°c) at least one night to maintain the mooncake quality.