Mid-Autumn Festival

"May we share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart."

Mid-Autumn Festival, contains cultural memory of inheritance and has been integrated into social life accross time, nourishing people's hearts and nurturing strength. While maintaining the original cultural heritage, Good Chenadheres to the principle of "innovation, diversification, integration and continuity", constantly innovating and enriching the classic taste and cultural forms and image to become a modern flavour.

Good Chen Mid-Autumn mooncakes series has incorporated a variety of flavours and come with uniquely gift box design, which is the best choice for gifts or renuions!

The Craft Baker & The Magician

Good Chen's blueprint of constant innovation and reinvention incorporating baking artistry and modern skill, the family third generation becomes as a magician to craft new varieties and flavors.

The creativity is not only the enjoyment of taste; but also visual enjoyment.

Produced using only traditional technique maintained over generation is our commitment. Freshness and natural guaranteed, our pastries are low in sugar and fat. Enjoy healthy eating with this season.