Good Chen Baked Skin Mooncake

Good Chen Spicy Mala Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake

No Spicy No Joy? If you have never had GoodChen Spicy Mala Mooncake, then you are missing out! It makes you numb and sweat! The sweetness of lotus paste, savouriness of salted egg yolk and spiciness of spices, truly balanced well in Good Chen Spicy Mala Mooncake. The three ingredients works differently and really teasing your taste buds. It's toothsome.

Good Chen White Lotus Double Yolks Mooncake

Double the Mid-Autumn goodness! This is a time-honoured favourite that will have Mid-Autumn purists coming back year after year. With a savoury golden yolk encased in a velvety white lotus seed paste, this mooncake is sure to please traditionalists by balancing the savoury with sweetness.

Good Chen Pandan Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake

Native to the tropical rain forest region, Pandan is famous for its strong aromatic fragrance coddled with delicious salted egg yolk.

Good Chen Sea Treasure Mooncake

For food explorers! Be amazed at the varieties of seafood, seeds, and nuts in one mooncake: dried scallop, seaweed, abalone sauce, shrimp, cuttlefish, walnut, almond, melon kernel seed and sesame.

**The company reserves the right to replace mooncake flavours as per stock availability, when the above-stated mooncake flavour is out of stock, thank you.**